9,999 teams of your favorite basketball players. Randomized. On-chain. Fun.

Our roadmap is bop AF but feel free to use these teams however you want.

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Simple and exciting roadmap for all basketball fans

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You have questions. We have answers.

1.How many total dream teams will be created?

9,999 unique dream teams.

2. What does it cost to mint a team?

$0 + gas.

3. What is the contract address?

You can view the contract here or at:

4.Can I use these teams for fan art or games?

Yes, feel free to use it for whatever.

5.How were the teams generated?

We looked at the top 10 best players every year. Then we added some rookies for fun combos.

6.LeBron or Jordan?

Heart says Jordan.
Head says LeBron.

What you think?

How To Mint

It's simpler than you think!

1. Install Metamask

Download the metamask.io extension from Chrome/Brave browser. This will enable you to make NFT purchases with ethereum (ETH).
2. Grab some ETH

Although dream teams are completely free, you will need some gas to complete the transaction.You can get ETH from an exchange like Coinbase or Gemini.
3. Mint your Dream Team

Click on connect and connect your metamask. Now you'll be able to mint your dream team. Congrats! You're a GM.
If you have any other questions or get stuck, reach us on twitter @dreamteamNFT or shoot a message on discord. Good luck! May the best dream team win.